Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Within schools, ICT can also be used for administration and management purposes. Two popular examples of commonly seen school technology are digital signage and visitor management systems. Digital signs can be used for a wide range of outcomes, including information sharing, emergency notifications and showing videos. Visitor Management systems are an accurate and secure method of ensuring you're aware of who is in your school at all times. Learn more about these two innovative technologies below.

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 Digital Signage

Digital signage offers the ideal way to engage with and communicate messages to staff, visitors and students. Suitable for Primary, Secondary and Further Education environments, this innovative technology allows you to keep your staff and visitors informed, showcase achievements, and show emergency notices. Because the majority of digital signage solutions utilise cloud technology, updating your screen information is simple, quick, and effective.


Smarter Interactive will help you to build and project your school’s identity through custom designs, and decide which information formats are best for you. With a range of solutions available from a number of manufactures, Smarter Interactive will ensure that the system that most appropriately matches your requirements is selected and installed.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management systems provide a secure yet efficient way to manage visitors within your school, academy or college. These feature-rich platforms allow for instant ID printing, integration with applications such as SIMs, and can allow you to create reports associated with timekeeping and meeting information. With DBS checks, criminal records can be cross-referenced before a visitor enters the school, while fully encrypted databases ensure your data, students and staff remain safe.

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