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Empower your teachers with an intelligent and reliable network

To enable your teachers to utilise IT effectively as part of your learning environment, a stable, secure and reliable network is vital. Smarter Interactive provides schools with a range of networking hardware, support and installation services so that you can make the most out of your interactive whiteboards, PCs, tablets and other exciting front-end IT hardware that improves the learning environment for your pupils.

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Wireless Access Points

Smarter Interactive’s range of wireless access points are cost-effective and reliable, and allow your admin staff, teachers and pupils to connect to the internet with ease. Creating a wireless environment in your school enables the use of connected tablets and laptops, as well as BYOD policies. Our wireless access points are also compatible with our internet filtering and monitoring services that allow children to use the internet safely.

Networking Switches and Routers 

Our network switches and routers act as the backbone for school IT networks all across the country, and allow schools to connect their IT hardware and data so that it’s easily accessible and available from any location. We also offer installation and support services on all networking hardware to ensure your network is reliable and effective.

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