Safeguarding your school from growing online threats

To make things a little easier for schools, we have designed a comprehensive portfolio of ICT security products and services that will enable your school, college or MAT to fulfil your online safety and safeguarding requirements.

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Our Online Safety product range

SentinelOne Ransomware Protection

With SentinelOne, Smarter Interactive is detecting, quarantining and mitigating an average of fifteen ransomware attacks per year for every school on the platform. SentinelOne mitigates the threat of ransomware before it becomes a problem, protecting schools from this particularly effective form of cybercrime. Learn more here.


Fortinet’s next-generation firewalls (NGFW) safeguard school networks from modern cyber attacks by protecting every single entry and exit point in a network. Smarter Interactive can advise the correct NGFW for your school and MAT network, and supply, install and support your selected FortiGate firewall.


Smarter Interactive’s SafeLINK solution is designed to ensure filtering and monitoring within your school is appropriate to users browsing the web. SafeLINK is designed in line with the government’s KCSiE guidance and removes any frustrations associated with restricting web browsing while ensuring children browse the internet safely.

IC Alert

The IC Alert internet monitoring solution protects your school’s pupils by notifying relevant parties when inappropriate content such as indecent images of children and terrorist materials are attempted to be accessed.


It’s vital that schools and MATs have a data backup procedure in place to cover themselves if the worst was to happen. Redstor’s backup service for schools protects over 12000 schools and management information systems across the UK, protecting them from debilitating malware and recovering any lost data quickly and efficiently.


Do your staff know how to use emails safely? Can they identify malicious attachments or phishing emails? KnowBe4 puts your teachers and admin staff to the test by sending them fake, safe “phishing” and “ransomware” emails, and provides mandatory security training for anybody who fails!


Smarter Interactive offers a range of firewall technologies designed to deliver enterprise-level protection to your schools network. All data entering and exiting your school network is observed and controlled to ensure that malicious traffic such as viruses or malware can’t access school resources. This barrier protects your network and personal data from cybercriminals looking to steal resources or cause damage to your network and data.

Smarter Interactive also provides a hosted firewall service as part of its secure broadband service.

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