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In modern schools, IT and data is an integral part of the learning environment. With the right tools and applications in place, teachers and administration staff can create a secure way to access, use and manage data across a school, cluster or MAT. Smarter Interactive provides schools with a variety of education-specific applications and licenses that assist in the management and accessibility of data.

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SentinelOne Ransomware Protection

With SentinelOne, Smarter Interactive is detecting, quarantining and mitigating an average of fifteen ransomware attacks per school per year on the platform. SentinelOne mitigates the threat of ransomware before it becomes a problem, protecting schools from this particularly effective form of cybercrime.

Microsoft Office 365

If you need help with implementing your new Microsoft Office 365 suite, Smarter Interactive is on hand to assist. We can help with your migration from your current set-up and provide ongoing support and training. As part of your migration to Office 365, we’ll set up a new domain appropriate to your school.


Redstor's innovative application protects data through a fully automated, encrypted and secure online backup and recovery service designed for education establishments of any size. With this service, there is no need for additional backup hardware or media such as USB hard drives and DVDs, making it a cost-effective solution compared to more traditional methods. This fully automated solution requires no human intervention or daily management and automatically adds resiliency by securing data off-site. The Redstor service is the Capita approved solution for protecting SIMS, FMS and Discover data. 

Genee Spark

Genee Spark is a whiteboard software with an infinite canvas area. Innovative, intelligent and intuitive tools to control type, video, maths tools and SEN presentations mean that lessons are no longer restricted to a session of slides. Lesson presentations can become as unlimited as your imagination.

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