Smarter Interactive helps MATs looking to cut costs by sharing IT resources across all schools in the trust, while still retaining individual school network identities and privacy where necessary. These solutions help to consolidate network and infrastructure equipment, reduce IT requirements in each school, and cut overall IT costs while enhancing educational delivery.

Our range of technologies help to strengthen the partnerships within MATs by making it easier to utilise the resources of the group as a whole, and not as separate entities. This is achieved through the use of a secure private cloud platform that consolidates resources and tools, reduces the amount of support required, and simplifies the network as a whole.

Learn more about our Multi-Academy Trust ICT solutions below.

Key ICT Solutions for MATs

Cloud Technology

Smarter Interactive's private cloud environments create an enhanced learning environment by providing simple access to applications and data across the group. With secure data protection and remote connections available for teachers and pupils, the cloud poses a wide range of benefits for your MAT.

Online Safety

Considering the online safety of your students is always a priority whenever we fulfil a project. Our sophisticated KCSiE-compliant online safety tools include appropriate filtering and monitoring, device management and eSafety training. We'll help you ensure the internet is safe for children to use.

ICT Support

Our team of education ICT experts is always on hand to ensure your ICT equipment, network and data is accessible and working effectively no matter when you need it. With a 24x7 dedicated help desk available and engineers ready to visit the school, you can concentrate on providing a learning environment, and not have to worry about your IT systems.

Curriculum and Admin Services

Managing your data is a vital aspect of administration within a school environment. Smarter Interactive provides a range of server, storage and network services designed to make data management simple, cost-effective and safe.

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