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Smarter Interactive provides tailored education ICT solutions designed to match the needs of secondary schools of all sizes and specialties. Our range of end-to-end IT solutions are designed to maximise the experience of teaching and learning by creating integrated digital classroom environments. These environments are built on reliable and secure school IT networks that work consistently across multiple classrooms and buildings.

All of our ICT solutions are designed specifically for the education sector, and if a solution doesn't positively impact the learning experience, it won't be available from Smarter Interactive. Our specialists and engineers have helped secondary schools across the country to reach their IT learning goals by implementing appropriate interactive hardware and combining it with a powerful school network.

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Key ICT Solutions for Secondary Schools

Interactive Screens

Learning applications like Word, Powerpoint and Excel are more critical within secondary schools, and often replace the suite of interactive tools more commonly associated with primary schools. With word processing, video and presentation tools being much more prolific in secondaries, our suggested whiteboards are generally less interactive, and more appropriate for teacher-led learning.


Smarter Interactive's school wireless networks are designed to work across large areas and even across multiple buildings as part of the same network. Created with security and reliability in mind, our wireless networks provide the basis for creating a successful digital learning environment where learning takes priority over troubleshooting.

Laptops and Tablets

Smarter Interactive partners with a range of leading portable device manufacturers. With operating systems available from Windows, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android and Chrome), we can provide your secondary school with the best solution that matches your learning requirements and budget.

Curriculum and Admin Services

Managing your data is a vital aspect of administration within a school environment. Smarter Interactive provides a range of hosted, server, storage and network services designed to make data management simple, cost-effective and safe.

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