Primary Schools

Smarter Interactive offers a range of affordable ICT solutions that support teaching and learning targets in primary schools across the UK. These solutions are designed to help introduce pupils to ICT tools and techniques at a young age, while expanding learning capabilities in schools by introducing new opportunities and learning styles through the use of appropriate ICT hardware and software. This includes improving student capabilities when accessing and analysing information, but also promoting curiosity and imagination!

Our range of interactive technology is supported by extensive experience and expertise in creating reliable, easy to use, and secure primary school networks. What's more, Smarter Interactive is always on hand to deliver any required ICT support to your Primary School whenever you happen to need it. With 24 x 7 emergency phone support available and engineers on hand when required, your school can rest assured that you’ll be back online and using your valuable ICT learning tools as quickly as possible.

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Key ICT Solutions for Primary Schools

Interactive Learning

Our range of Interactive Screens have been selected because they help teachers to deliver diverse, collaborative and interactive lessons that hold the attention of primary children and provide team-based learning capabilities.

Online Safety

Considering the online safety of your students is always a priority whenever we fulfil a project. Our sophisticated KCSiE-compliant online safety tools include appropriate filtering and monitoring, device management and eSafety training. We'll help you ensure the internet is safe for children to use.

School Broadband

Smarter Interactive's unique SafeLINK broadband service is designed with simplicity and security in mind. Created specifically for education, SafeLINK broadband lets you make the most of your IT investments and create a safe learning environment for your pupils.

Curriculum and Admin Services

Managing your data is a vital aspect of administration within a school environment. Smarter Interactive provides a range of hosted, server, storage and network services designed to make data management simple, cost-effective and safe.

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