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Creating an IT environment that successfully sustains an exceptionally large number of end-user devices can be a challenge. With students and faculty staff commonly encouraged to bring personal devices and connect them to the College or University network, Smarter Interactive creates networks where security and ease-of-use is perfectly balanced to create a digital learning environment that can be appropriately used by students and staff, no matter how large the campus. 

Smarter Interactive can also implement classroom and lecture room audio visual technologies that allow for effective teacher-led and group learning opportunities. These systems are designed specifically for the space they're going to be implemented in order to ensure maximum effectiveness, and are fully integrated with your facility's network so that connecting and utilising the technology is seamless and simple.

Learn more about our wide range of Further Education ICT solutions below.

Key ICT Solutions for Further Education

Network Solutions

Ensuring you have reliable access to your network and resources is critical to success. Smarter Interactive provides a range of network services that scale from the provision of switches, routers and firewalls up to the implementation of multi-building, multi-site integrated LANs and WANs. 

Wireless Networks

Smarter Interactive's range of wireless services scale alongside your college or university. With local controller-based and cloud-managed options available, you can rest assured that your wireless network will be secure, easy to access, and readily available across campus.

Audio Visual & Interactive Hardware

Our range of AV and Interactive technologies are designed and custom fitted to match the space and requirements of the hardware. Whether you're looking to implement a digital projector for an auditorium or lecture room, or an interactive screen for a smaller classroom or seminar space, Smarter Interactive has the tools and expertise to help.

Curriculum and Admin Services

Managing your data is a vital aspect of administration within a higher education environment. Smarter Interactive provides a range of hosted, server, storage and network services designed to make data management simple, cost-effective and safe.

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